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Best cities in Florida for Real Estate Investment

Best cities in Florida for Real Estate Investment

There are a lot of reasons people buy homes – financial, practical and emotional. People buy homes because it represents security and a way to build wealth and a sense of stability. Most home buyers, at least according to several recent surveys, still believe that a home is a good investment, moreover majority of renters still aspire to homeownership.

If you’re looking for a great investment opportunity, it’s better for you to limit your focus down to one particular state. To sort out the best deals out there, it’s recommended to take a closer look at the most promising spots of a selected state.

Real Estate Investment in Florida

Enormous real estate developments and projects have been taking place in the sunshine state during the last few years due to high demand which nourishes the supply. It makes it clear why Floridian real estate developers grab the golden opportunity to make money. According to the expert reports published by Forbes earlier this year, Florida increases the largest number of investment-friendly cities among other 49 states. Four out of 10 best spots for real estate investment in 2017 are currently the cities in Florida. This explains why foreign investors always look for Buying a property in Florida.

Fort Lauderdale

If you take a look at Average rental price in Fort Lauderdale, you’ll find out why people choose buying over renting in Fort Lauderdale these years. The average rental price is estimate about $1, 940 per month. While the rental price is one of the highest among Florida cities, median home value seems to be the average. Home prices in the city are predicted to increase steadily in the next few years, which means now might be the great opportunity for Real Estate Investment in Florida.


Moreover, Fort Lauderdale has been leading the entire Florida in job growth, which means more people are coming to the city in future and search for home.

Undoubtedly Fort Lauderdale is the leading spot of Florida, with no more developable land left and a fast increasing population, significant appreciation in property values are all but inevitable. Furthermore, it has a very dynamic market, so in case you decide to cash out and selling a home in Florida, you may not face any trouble.

West Palm Beach

To make it short, West Palm Beach is popularly considered as one of the amazing beach cities for rental housing investments and Real Estate Investment in Florida. According to market data, the average rental price is approximately $1,470 per month. The local market is active and characterized by a number of housing options from highly-priced homes facing the ocean and relatively affordable ones elsewhere. Reasonable prices and terrific location are two reasons making West Palm Beach such a hot market for Buying a property in Florida.


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