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Buying a business in Florida - Visa E2


Coming into a new business environment can be stressful, regardless of your expertise and background. There are unfamiliar rules and regulations to cope with, choices to make in terms of office location, finding suppliers and pleasing customers.

Buying a business is a different process here in Florida than in any country, outside of the United States. There are times when, as foreigners, we wonder how this is possible, why is this so, what should I do now?

That is why we are at your side to assist and ensure that the transaction goes well.

Buying a business is a team effort: immigration attorney for your visa, business lawyer to purchase your business, an accountant to verify the financial aspect, and a real estate agent who knows the system well to overview the whole transaction and make sure all parties do their part of the job.

Want to buy a business in Florida and need more information?

Florida’s flourishing business climate continues to gain the attention of international business investors from all over the world. A large and talented workforce, very low personal income tax and an efficient regulatory environment provide a strong landscape for businesses to achieve.

Is the site properly zoned? Selecting the right site for investment is significant. But as you consider the advantages and disadvantages of possible locations, you may come to know that many companies now realizing success in the Sunshine State. They may have settled here in some different areas and for a different reason, they all found their future in Florida.

Investors, entrepreneurs and business workers often find the E-2 and Eb-5 Visa Programs to be the most practical. There are some similarities as well as some significant differences between both these programs. Your business and investment circumstances and future plans will depend on which track is the most appropriate.

Acquiring a business is a critical move for most individual buyers, one that can take significant personal and financial investment. Florida Inv will help you in evaluating business opportunities to find one that meets your goals. We assist you shape your evaluation criteria and choose the business opportunity that best fits your personal & financial goals, abilities and resources.

If you are considering opening a business in the USA and moving here to run it we can help you to assess your options and to help you in making sure that your introduction into the US business market is a smooth one. We facilitate the process for you. The search for your business starts after a phone or video conference meeting, so we can listen to your needs and understand your goals.

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