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Commercial real estate investment in Florida

Commercial real estate investment in Florida

Many investors dream of making millions by investing in commercial real estate. But the question is: where to invest? Since certain markets are going uncertain while others limp along, you really need to pinpoint the top places to invest your money, and know where to head.

To pinpoint these profitable spots as well as the lemons, analysts considered home purchase prices, the amount they’ve appreciated, rental prices, and other factors. And the areas that’ll give you the most yield for your buck may surprise you. Florida is one of the cities Real estate investors see returns of 14.9% on their properties.

Investors looking to secure their investment portfolio choose commercial real estate in Florida for a variety of reasons. There is an extensive selection of commercial properties for sale. Many companies are relocating their headquarters to Miami or opening branch offices to extend their presence and penetration into South America or Central America Market. There are excellent opportunities for investment in office buildings. Realty Services Florida provides you unique services like, leasing commercial offices space and property management.

Factors that have contributed to cross-border investment in Florida real estate:

Booming tourism industry, particularly in South Florida and Orlando, has facilitated cross-border investment in commercial real estate in Florida’s markets. Investors from Latin America and Spain are drawn to South Florida due to strong cultural and linguistic connections to their home countries.

Miami’s commercial real estate assets are affordable on a relative cost basis compared to assets in other investment destinations in the world.

Poor economic performance in several countries has prompted an increase in capital inflows from the region as investors have sought a secure spot for their funding.

International investors are increasingly purchasing commercial real estate in the U.S. in search of higher yields and capital preservation.

Realty Services Florida is an expert in Commercial Real Estate and can assist and represent  you for investment in  every kind of commercial Real Estate that any investor look for in a world class city including:

  • Medical buildings
  • Warehouse and Distribution
  • Hotel/Motel/Restaurants
  • Mall
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Investment properties and so on.

The portfolio of Businesses available for investment are wide and varied and developed to suit all kinds of investors.

Entrepreneurs who make an investment in a commercial enterprise in America and who plan to create or preserve ten permanent full jobs for qualified United states workers, are eligible to apply for permanent residence (Green card).

Interested in investing in South Florida?

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