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Dreaming of a big move to sunny Florida?

Dreaming of a big move to sunny Florida?

Why would moving to Florida be completely worth it? The sun. The beaches. The nightlife. What more can we say – moving to Florida is great! You’ve vacationed there and loved it. So why not move there? Is the Sunshine State really right for you? If you’ve ever considered moving to Florida, here are the 4 reasons to bear in mind.

It goes without saying that Florida’s weather is one of her most endearing qualities. It’s no wonder the state becomes the envy of the nation during those bitter cold winter months. Florida’s temperature ranges from 60s-70s throughout the winter months.

With the seemingly year-round summer highs, there’s no shortage of Florida sun. Sure, the summer gets a bit toasty and humid. But not having to put up with winter seems like a pretty good tradeoff for a bit of added heat.

Florida, has many amazing benefits and qualities to go along with this little piece of paradise.

Here are some Fun facts and advantages to convince you that Florida is truly one of a kind…

Miami is the Only Major US City Founded by a Woman

Julia Tuttlet laid eyes on Miami way back in 1875 when her father moved to the area as a homesteader. Having moved to Florida, she bought hundreds of acres and convinced Henry M. Flagler to expand his railway into Florida.

Dream Homes

Florida’s housing market is booming. If you’ve ever been considering moving to Florida, now might be the time to pull the trigger. New homes are popping up all over the state.

While some may be a little depending on your budget, Florida has options for everyone. If that beachfront home is a bit out of reach, there are plenty of new single-family homes and condos that will fit any budget and lifestyle.

No State Income Tax

Yes, you read that correctly. Florida has no state income tax. Also, rates for sales and property taxes are very low, which makes life in the Sunshine State very desirable. With a thriving economy, you’ll likely feel an improvement to your financial situation. It won’t be long at all until you’re moving into that beachside dream home.

Sports Fanatics Paradise

Did you know Florida is home to ten professional sports teams? From the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Miami Heat, there’s a team in town for everyone. The state is also home to dozens more popular minor league and collegiate teams that draw a tremendous fan base.

An international hub, Florida is home to such a diverse range of cultures. It’s apparent in the cuisine available, various Cultural festivals around the year, and even the attractions, like museums and performing arts centers, that have diverse exhibits and performances. If you’ve wanted to travel the world, why not think about moving to Florida instead. The culture is just as abundant, and the sun is always shining.

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