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Residential Home setting (Condo, Family house, Town house, Mobile home and rentals). Our mission is to watch over your property while you are absent, whether it’s for a short or long period.

The services that we offer to our clients is to monthly visit and visually inspect Inside out your property with a check list and pictured report sent to you after each visit.

Outside visual Inspection

  • Exterior maintenance (Lawn contractor, pool contractor etc. if the job done)
  • Any signs of storm or other damages on property animal or human
  • Pick up publicity, newspaper and mail
  • Condition of the roof, Windows, for HOA satisfaction

Inside inspection

  • Ice machine at off position and empty
  • Check the AC temperature and change air filter
  • Water heater breaker at OFF position
  • Smells, Fill up all drains and toilet
  • Any signs of intrusion, human or pest
  • Any signs of water infiltration
  • Verify all doors, windows and storm shutters, close and lock

We keep you informed on a regular basis about our visits, according to your wishes.

All our inspections are visual, documented, picture taken, and a final report after each visit is sent to you.

We prepare with you the type of visual inspection of the property and the frequencies of the visits that you desire. We offer personalized services.

Your property is important for us

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