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How to start your home purchase in Florida from another country?

How to start your home purchase in Florida from another country?

Are you thinking of purchasing a property in Florida? Do not buy your ticket right away, begin your efforts in your country with a local agent who has good contacts in Florida.

We have a way of helping you finding the right property while saving you time and money, won’t that be great?

Find in yourcountry an agent who has good partners in Florida. This agent will help you clarify your needs and criteria.

Your local agent will put you in contact with his Florida partner. They must know the market and it is preferable that they are a real estate professional full-time rather than part-time or someone who works only on weekends.

Retain the services of an agent in Florida and another in your country will no cost you more. Good for you! The seller pays the commission to their listing agent and then share it with your two agents.

Your agent in Florida will negotiate on your behalf with the listing agent to conclude the transaction. You will save yourself time and many worries. Close on a property in Florida is not simple. Request a specialist who knows the rules, regulations and will be available for you all along the transaction.

For more details on this advantageous approach, watch our video.

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