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Moving to Florida: what to know before making your move

Moving to Florida: what to know before making your move

Heading to Florida is maybe the best thing that can happen in your life, so you don’t want any issue. Here are a few important things you have to be aware of.


Looking for a home

Buying Property in Florida is easy, and suddenly can become messy. Why? There so many options available online that buyers can get confused about what is really available and what is not? How to choose the right real estate agent is also a very important question.

To find the right property for sale in Florida, we suggest you to spend some time on line and figure out about the different tools to search for properties. Fact: the properties you can see on public real estate web site are usually not up-to-date. Only data pulled out directly from the MLS (Licensed Real Estate Agents Property Listing System) is accurate. To access this information, you have to work with an agent. So the second step is to choose your agent. Not necessarily the one that is shown on the Ad of the property you like, but an agent you can trust. Remember that your agent is going to represent you all along your quest of finding the right property, but also during the transaction, making sure everything is running smooth.

Buying Property in Florida is a process: finding the property is the first step, then come all the others.


Operating your business in Florida

Moving to Florida and start your business is a whole process. You’ll have to find it a name. This name can represent your company, your brand, or a product. It has to be unique and represent what you want to promote.

What type of company do you want to form? LLC, Corporation, … There are several options and an accountant will help you understand each of them and assist with your choice. Using a DBA (fictitious name) is sometimes a good solution to market your brand or product.

You’ll have to register you company with the State, county, and city, and open a bank account. Depending on what your business is, your online presence can be crucial.

Whatever you are going to do, there are companies out there specialized in helping people and small businesses to become more effective. We just found out about Total Effectiveness™, check it out.



Before anything, check the Business & Economy news about Florida, so you know what is going on. Then you should be aware about Compliance and Enforcement. Each employer must have a poster displayed in their premises that explains everything. Disabled Employment Information is available on line. A Drug-Free Workplace program exists.



All schools unfortunately don’t provide the same quality of services. Hopefully, to help you choosing the right schools, there are plenty of web site that give you lots of information. Florida Department of Education is a very good source of detailed information about the different options you will have. Other web site, like Great Schools, gives a comparison of schools ratings.

When moving to Florida and it is time to choose a home, the school district is one of the most important thing. First because the education of your kids matters more than anything else, and second because the better the school district is, the higher your home sales price will be. A property for sale in Florida may look similar, but the location stays one of the most important criteria.



Most of the taxes in Florida include sales and use tax, corporate income tax, and intangible tax. There is no personal tax in Florida. When buying Property in Florida, you can estimate your property taxes before making for final choice. For example, here is the Broward county property appraiser website.



When it is about moving to Florida, make your research, contact people you know, or specialists to assist you with your project. Plan in advance, you can find a property for sale in Florida everywhere on line but you need a professional real estate consultant to protect you. When buying property in Florida, make the right and smart choice for you and your family.


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