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Overseas Investors looking into Commercial Real Estate in Florida

Overseas Investors looking into Commercial Real Estate in Florida

International Real Estate investors seek the most proven and stable commercial investment markets in the world. Florida and New York remain the two attractive states for foreigners for investment.

The United States is still a secure heaven for many investors seeking investment opportunities in places with relative political and economic stability. Some countries invest here in Florida to diversify their holdings and provide a hedge against their depreciating currency. For example, the Canadians have long invested in the Florida’s commercial real estate market because their own country has limited development potential for some commercial assets and prices have already reached to pick point and it’s very much probable the Canada’s housing bubble will burst.

Foreign investors jumped into invest significant amounts in the Florida’s real estate market last year. Realtors reported that they experienced a greater number of international investors seeking to purchase Commercial Real Estate in Florida over past few years. Economic expansion has run slowly since the downturn in global markets, but comparing the rest part of the world, America stands one of the most interesting and secure bets for international clients.

In Florida, Miami has been always leading in commercial real estate services since its inception in 1978. Florida’s industry‐leading platform provides unique services to meet any investor’s requirement from acquisition financing and real estate portfolio management to leasing commercial office space and investment sales.

South Florida has been historically among the top space for Commercial Real Estate in Florida‘s markets in the United States, with continually solid returns on investment and safety for the capital of foreign investors. Strong population growth, a high volume of eye-catching housing, diverse cultural offerings, a tourist destination for many and a central hub for international trade, especially with South America, makes it a hot investment spot. Florida is attractive to businesses for numerous reasons. With no personal income tax, investors and entrepreneurs come here to reduce their tax burden.

Commercial real estate in the Florida is comprised mostly of office buildings, shopping centers, and warehouses. Normally, gains can be considerably higher when investing in commercial property rather than residential real estate but it does bear a higher risk. In order to enter into a commercial real estate investment, it should be with a minimum investment capital of $ 500,000.

Real Estate Investment in Florida have been always a solid investment. Whether evaluating Florida’s properties for sale or other commercial investment opportunities, there has never been a better time for commercial real estate investments in Florida.

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