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  • Our team of partners allows you to always have an expert available.
  • Because we are people very persistent, consistent and effective.
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  • We offer full support from your departure of your home country to your new home in Florida.


Jean is the type of realtor that one would hope to have represent them in a transaction. He is honest, friendly, patient, and clearly has his clients’ best interests in mind. Unlike many of his peers, Jean does not quit or pay short shrift when his client doesn’t jump at the first or second  property. More, his assessments of the market are accurate and reasoned. He exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend.

Anthony H. / June 2017


Jean is an agent as one would like to find more often. He invests his time without counting and makes you think that you are his only customer. He is always available, responsive to complicated situations and a very good advice when you are undecided. He found a buyer in less than 15 days for my condo. Conclusion: Jean is a true professional.

Marie Laure C. / March. 2017


Jean is very honest and has an exceptional knowledge of the market. He is always available, open and he makes sure that he finds the right answer for every question. He never counts his time to serve you and he has a lot of good advices to give to his customers. Definitively, I recommend Jean for his very high level of knowledge and skills.

Jean-Marc W. / Jan. 2017


Jean was our agent for our first transaction in the US: we are glad we did it with him! Beside his natural kindness, we were delighted by his responsiveness and support. We had to deal with “difficult” sellers, an inefficient mortgage service, a finicky title agency, and various other annoyances. He never flinched and was always there to smooth things out, even late at night and on weekends. We are grateful and cannot recommend him enough.

Laurent & Isabel M. / Dec. 2016


Jean is very professional and has been on top of making the “Pending Sale” on our property very promising! He always does his best to satisfy our needs at anytime of the day, on a 24/7 basis. Very responsible, and trust worthy in all aspects of the real estate business. Very meticulous when doing the paperwork, and always looking out for his customers.

Marilyn P. / Nov. 2016


My husband and I actually lives in Canada. My husband is born in US but moved in Canada at 5 years old. Our new project, moving back to US. As United States is Canada’s neighbors, we could not imagine how different things could be from US to Canada. I do not want to go into details as the list of obstacles we faced is quite long, but would like to share with you our fantastic experience. We did have quite specific needs, therefore not that easy to meet. Jean Deglon demonstrated a great professionalism, perseverance and patience. He was able to find the perfect house that met our budget as well. Regarding Edwina, she is one of a kind. She also demonstrated professionalism, patience, a great listener and above all a humanist who made this project a real success. Always in front of our requests, Edwina was, easy to reach, the right answers in hand, the proper words to reassure us. We both feel privileged to have had the chance to be served by such an exceptional team. During our journey, we did not only meet an extraordinary team, we also had the opportunity to create friends

Sylvie & Marc F. / July 2016


Jean is very quick to respond. he is patient and answers the hard and easy questions with understanding and expertise. we were renting a property and he has stepped in to make it a pleasant experience.

Gene H. / Jan. 2015


Jean is currently helping us to find a home. Finding a good deal is a big issue with so many agent and we wanted somebody we can trust. And trust is the word. When we have a question, he always has time for us and is very helpful.

Nathalie B. / Dec. 2014


Customer service oriented, Jean has a great experience , a huge knowledge in Real Estate and can find the right product at the right price. Either you have to buy ,sell or rent a house or a condo …call him, he always return phone calls.

Chris D. / Dec. 2014


Jean has been very cooperative, professional and helpful. He goes out of his way to ensure he locates properties that I may be interested in and is very patient through the entire process, even when I become frustrated and ready to give up! He is the consummate professional.

Tammy W. / Dec. 2014

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