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Selling a home in Florida

Selling a home in Florida

Planning on selling your home? You may want to know what steps are involved in selling a home in Florida?  From getting your home ready to sell & move, to dealing with the emotional side of leaving your home along with all of the memories, selling a home can truly be draining. So just what are the steps in selling a home?

If you are really determined, you’ll want to make sure you start right! Without this, you’ll have great difficulty in completing other steps.

To attract buyers — and sell for a good price — sellers need to show their homes in the best possible light. That means cleaning up the interior and exterior. If any repair is required, discuss it with your Real Estate Services agent to decide whether or not you’ll make repairs or simply plan on knowing that they may become a repair issue that will come up in the Buyer’s home inspection.

Ready for your home to be shown to the number of buyers ready and waiting to see your home and more important, those ready to purchase it. If they’re paying cash to purchase your home, you’ll want to see their proof of funds. 

If the buyer of your home is going to finance his purchase, Make sure buyer’s ability to gain final loan commitment. The buyer’s credit, income and assets need to be reviewed by their Lender in order to accurately determine credit, income and asset worthiness and provided in a writing as a buyer’s pre approval letter.

A buyer will hire an Inspector to thoroughly inspect your home to make sure there are not any major issues to contend with in the purchasing of your home.

The Title Company plays an important role in making sure that the Title is clear for a deed transfer to the new buyer.  They will provide the buyer with a Title Commitment through proper examination which also includes a search of any possible existing liens or open permits that exist for the property.  If any existing liens or open permits exists they will have to be resolved prior to closing.


The moment you’ve been desperately waiting for has arrived. Once at the closing table, you will sign all of the necessary closing documents to sell your home. The closing usually takes a few hours. When all is completed and signed, you’ll be provided with your funds. You real estate agent will get his commission.


Finally, selling a home in Floridais not that complicated, you just need excellent Real Estate Services and to know what to do.

Congratulations! You Just Sold Your Property


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