• Graciela McEvoy

Graciela McEvoy
Graciela McEvoy - Your Agent

Selling a home or finding the right property requires skills and market knowledge. Graciela is always on the top of everything to make sure her clients are happy and satisfied. Her network in South America allows her to find buyers quickly and at the best price.

  • Jean Deglon, Eng.

Jean Deglon, Eng.
Jean Deglon, Eng. – IT Director

Always looking for a better solution and build a stronger team to help our clients, Jean gives it a 100% to move his clients’ real estate projects forward with better results; always together, and never leaves anything to chance but ensure utmost satisfaction of our customers.

  • Tahereh Rahimdel

Tahereh Rahimdel
Tahereh Rahimdel - Admin Assistant

Whatever the Team needs to assist our clients, Tahereh is going to find it. She is the back office, working in “the dark” for you.

  • Marco Francavilla

Marco Francavilla
Marco Francavilla - The Designer

The definition of beauty is just words; each of us has its own criteria, its sensations. Marco knows how to listen, feel your emotions to create, develop, imagine, and repair or build what you need. The results are in his creations … (il faudra avoir une page supplémentaire pour afficher nos créations)


Phone: +1 (954) 866-5858


Sell and Find Properties!

RSF team is alway ahead of the market, to ensure our sellers we’ll find the best qualified buyer, as soon as possible.

We have systems in place to find the best opportunity for our buyers and investors, to ensure them an excellent acquisition.



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Why would you choose Florida Inv?

Just because :

  • We put our customers, integrity and honesty first.
  • Knowledge and higher education of our agents ensures a transaction without problem.
  • Our team of partners allows you to always have an expert available.
  • Because we are people very persistent, consistent and effective.
  • We know our business, region, and techniques to find the property that suits you.
  • We offer full support from your departure of your home country to your new home in Florida.

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