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No matter your location, our international real estate listing service will help our clients to sell their property fast. We’re not just another listings site! Florida Inv is a team of real estate professionals and partners with a single goal: providing above and beyond quality

Successful sale or purchase of a property commences with the right Realty agent. Florida Inv has made that selection process easier for you. Our leading Real Estate Agency of property professionals are the best in their field, and have demonstrated distinctive services and proven records of success.

One effective method for a quick sale of your property is to put your property in front of as many potential real estate buyers as possible. The very influential marketing systems we set up provides you with a maximum visibility for your property over the internet. We add your property to our website and to many others. We also add it with agents across the world so you do not have to. Our websites is translated in French to show the reach we will gain with your properties.

Save time, energy, and money. Start with effective tools, an initial plan and strong mindset. We put your property in front of the right buyers. Florida Inv Team is a member of a worldwide real Estate association that creates connection to find buyers everywhere, and quickly. 600,000 agents are connected throughout this network and they all have access to your property. And above all, your property will be visible in more than 150 countries!

On the process of sale, our team will assist you to sell your overseas property as fast as possible. From initial conversation about your property and how it might sell in the market to regular updates, a log in tool for you to see the interaction of buyers with your property to the bids on your property, updates on inspection trips and the legal process of the sale. We will even recommend the best currency exchange company for overseas property with discounted rates just for you.

If you have a commercial property, house, condo, land, or any other type of real estate we can help to sell it for the right price and we will keep you updated. Our mission is to help people having a memorable experience while having more time off.

Our network of real estate provides access to distinctive properties around the world. To represent a property of distinction requires highly-qualified real estate professionals with international reach and expertise.

We also have the power to sell your property in your own country from Florida!

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